About Us

Mary Sue, Jeff and their two children are the family behind Mana Gardens. We are cooks, photographers, writers, artists, environmentalists, comedians, and, of course, farmers. Together we are committed to growing the tastiest and healthiest food for you that we can.


Mary Sue Stevens

Mary Sue brings her breadth of experience as an educator, artist, photographer, salsa-maker, farmer, promoter, and professional hugger to the Mana Gardens team. She may have been a town girl when Jeff asked her out on a first date at age fifteen, but she's never been afraid to dig in and get her hands dirty. Thanks to Mary Sue, practically nothing from the fields goes to waste at Mana Gardens. She transforms any "seconds" not shared in our CSA or sold at market into amazing pestos, salsas, chutneys and dried seasonings that make up our value added product line. Mary Sue's vision is behind all the photos of our farm and produce. Also be sure to have a look at Awakening a Landscape, her photography project documenting the healthy food landscape of our region.

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Jeff Aldrich

Jeff spent his childhood on a family dairy farm in Buffalo before attending college and spending many years as a software developer. He has had his own software consulting company and served as co-founder and CTO of a farm-to-table startup, but has always liked to spend time with his hands in the soil growing healthy food. In 2015 he committed to spending less time at a desk and more time outside growing vegetables and that dream became Mana Gardens. He has over ten years of experience producing vegetables using organic and sustainable practices. He is a member of the Crow River Food Council and the Crow River Chapter of the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.